Three Mile Cross Bowling Club is run for the members, by the members. All roles are voluntary. The club has a management committee of 11 members that meet on a regular basis. Our next committee meeting is scheduled for 15th August at 10.30 am.

President:Tony Cook
Deputy President:Rod Fenner
Chairman:Neil Argyle
Vice-Chair:Claire Morrison
Treasurer:David Hearn
Club Secretary:Neil Argyle
Club Captain:Bill Bissett
Club Vice-Captain:Lesley Darbourn
Ladies’ Captain:Linda Fruen
Club Fixtures Secretary:Keith Hall
Ladies’ Fixtures Secretary:Linda Salmon
Membership Secretary:Daf Ashby
Green/Maintenance Chair:Andy Friend
Entertainments:Debbie Bissett
Pamela Prior
Recruitment Chair:Michele Vale
Communications: Claire Morrison
Health & Safety:Mark Holder
Safeguarding:Kaz Clarke

Ladies’ Section

Captain:Linda Fruen
Vice-Captain:Kaz Clarke
Fixtures Secretary: Linda Salmon
Competitions Secretary: Lesley Darbourn
County Delegate:Linda Salmon
TVLL Team Manager:Linda Salmon

Men’s Section

Captain:Bill Bissett
Fixtures Secretary:Keith Hall
Competitions Secretary:Keith Hall
County Delegate:Rod Fenner
League Team Managers:Dean Broughton - KL
Malcolm Foster - KLVA
Neil Argyle - KLVB