Short mat bowls, as the name implies is a game played over a much shorter length than the flat green game. Played indoors, the game is played on a carpet (or mat) between 40-45 ft in length and 6ft wide. Players aim to master the basic skills of lawn bowls (line and length) and can use either smaller short mat bowls or standard size bowls.

When our outdoor green is closed (October – March), the club offers its members the opportunity to play short mat bowls in the clubhouse. You can choose to enjoy a meal with the bowling, or opt just to bowl. Roger Gotobed and Kaz Clarke organise the popular short mat evenings and details, including menu choices, are publicised in advance of each twice-monthly session. Both experienced and novice bowlers are very welcome.

A typical evening starts at 6.00 pm, with bowling commencing at 6.30 pm. Food is normally served around 8.00 pm. The cost is £3.00 for bowling only. Meals, depending on ingredients, will be costed on an indivual basis for each session. Guests (non-members) pay an additional £2.00.

The last indoor short mat session at the club was in March.

Contact Roger or Kaz for details of sessions later this year or ask to be added to the mailing list for regular updates during the winter.